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International Plant             Virology Laboratory   

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Department of Plant Pathology, 1630 Linden Drive,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 53706 USA

Contact Person:  Douglas P. Maxwell  (

Special section: table of location of disease resistance loci in tomato genome


Research Activities:


Undergraduate Research Projects:

    Summer 99:  Kimberly Scheidegger and Tuhina Dayal.  Rapid Detection of Turfgrass Fungal Pathogens With Molecular-Based Techniques.

    Spring 00:  Abby Bettilyon.  Honors Project:  Characterization of geminiviruses associated with tomato germplasm in Guatemala.

    Spring 02:  Abby Bettilyon.  Senior Thesis Project for Bacteriology:  Studies on potential for recombination between TYLCV and PHYVV.

    Spring 02:  Lane Milde.  Biology 152 project:  Develop specific detection methods for PHYVV

     Fall 04: Christopher Martin.  Inter-Ag 288 Project: Progress towards Development of a Molecular Marker for Geminivirus resistance in Tomato.  

Results of Inter-Ag 288 Project

    Summer 05: Christopher Martin.  Hilldale Research Grant: Development of a Molecular Marker for Geminivirus Resistance Genes in Tomatoes through Analysis of Tomato  Resistance Gene Homologues.

Results of Hilldale Project - This document contains the most up to date data from the Hilldale project.  It is updated as neccessary.  

    Fall 05-Spring 06: Mindy Salus. Senior Thesis: Application of Molecular Techniques for Detection of Disease Resistant Genes in Tomato Breeding Lines for Guatemala

Results of Senior Thesis

    Winter 07-Summer 07: Katie Jensen. Senior Thesis: CAPS Marker For Detection of Ty3a Locus Associated with Tomato Inbred Line Gc171, Which is Resistant to White Fly Transmitted Begamoviruses.


Douglas P. Maxwell, Professor Emeritus (2001- )

People in the lab group (1999- present):

Tuhina Dayal, Undergraduate student from Iowa State did a research project, summer 1999

Ahmed Soliman, Visiting Scientists from Egypt, summer 1999

Orawan Chatchawankanphanich, Visiting Scientist from Thailand, fall 99

Pamela Burrell, Visiting Student from Jamaica, summer 1999

Sara Steien, Undergraduate Student (past student helper), 98-00

Josias C. Faria, Visiting Scientist from EMBRAPA, Brazil, 00-01

Jamie Potter, Graduate Student, M.Sc. January 2002 

Steve Hong, Graduate Student, January 2000

Sarah Ray, Undergraduate Student, Illinois Wesleyan, summer 00

Marcia E. Roye, Visiting Scientist from Jamaica, summer 1999  and 00

Abby Bettilyon, Undergraduate Student, 98-02

Keri Smith, M. Sc. Student, University of West Indies, Summer 02, Characterization of begomoviruses associated with cabbage

Mohammad Abhary, Graduate Student, Jordan

Adel Rezh from Egypt, 2004

Luis Mejia Visiting scientist from Guatemala, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Julieta Oritz Visiting Scientist from Guatemala, 2004

Sergio Melgar Visiting faculty, San Carlos University of Guatemala, 2004

Daisuke Furusawa Visiting undergraduate researcher, summer 2004

Khadija El Mehrach Visiting graduate student from Morocco, summer 2004

Sonia Gharsallah Graduate Student from Tunisia, Summer 2004 and Summer 2005, now faculty member at University of Tunis

Luis Montes Visiting faculty researcher from San Carlos University in Guatemala, Summer 2005 and 2006

Carolina Zea Visiting faculty researcher from San Carlos University in Guatemala, Summer 2005

Yusef Abou Jawdah Visiting faculty resercher from the American University of Beirut, Summer 2005

Hana Sobh Visiting faculty researcher from the American University of Beirut, Summer 2005

Mark K. Nakhla, Associate Scientists, 1992 to 2006, now with APHIS

Brenda Esperanza Garcia, Young scientist from Guatemala, 2006, 2007, 2008

Mindy S. Salus, Undergraduate Researcher, now at UCR (2007-)

Christopher Martin, Undergraduate Researcher, now at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Katie Jensen , Undergraduate Research

Ana Cristina Barillas, Undergraduate Researcher from San Carlos University of Guatemala, Summer 2008, 2009

Eric Ewert, Undergraduate Research, 2008-2009

Adam Rasmussen, Undergraduate Research, 2008

Wendy Robles, Undergraduate Research from Guatemala, summer 2009


Collaborative Instructional Project:

    Guatemala-Molecular Genetics Lab -- Jan. 00 to March 00, Dr. Luis Mejia, San Carlos Universidad, Guatemala City

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Created: June 1999, edited August 25, 2008